Stop the Mercury in Retrograde Freak-Out!

You may have heard about the frustration that Mercury in Retrograde brings – appliances going haywire, computers crashing, arguments cropping up, contracts falling through – but what does this phenomenon really mean?  About 3 or 4 times a year, Mercury goes retrograde. Essentially, Mercury “laps” us in its trip around the sun. For a couple

Dissonance and Thyroid Issues

Dissonance is disharmony or discord…and it happens almost immediately from birth. For some, it can even happen before then. Over a period of time dissonance creates disconnection then disease. No joke.  Let me give you an (all too common) example:

Living with Anxiety? You Are WAY More Normal Than You Think.

The word “anxiety” is tricky. When we hear the word “anxiety,” we often envision crippling panic attacks, awkward nervous behavior, psychologist offices, and medication. But the truth is, many of us cope with the more subtle symptoms of high functioning anxiety every day, and we find small ways to work around it. Because it can

Do VisionBoards Really Work?

You may look at a VisionBoard and think does this really work? Can I just look at a picture of a new sports car, or a new closet, and it’ll magically appear? Well, no – not exactly. However, visualization does, in fact, work and there’s plenty of science to back it up. Your brain is

Putting YOU First

 Fill in the blank: I feel so much better after doing______________.  I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.   How many times have you uttered those words after a day of golf, fishing, yoga, or curled up a with a good book?  Then, you wait another six months before doing it again.  Why?

A Holistic Approach for Teens with Anxiety

The prevalence of anxiety in teens is growing at an alarming rate.  While anxiety is a normal part of childhood, more and more teens are being diagnosed with the disorder. With headlines featuring terrorism and school shootings, combined with increasing pressure from social media and parental expectations, it’s no wonder that anxiety affects one in

Change is Hard. This Trick Makes it a Little Easier

Have you ever tried to change one of your habits and realized it was easier said than done? Welcome to the club. Changing any part of your life is hard, but Research Psychologist Gabrielle Oettingen has come up with a simple, proven way to achieve any goal. Through psychological and nuero-scientific research, Oettingen discovered that visualization

The Coolest Thing Happened Yesterday

I was with my daughter, Ellie (who is 14, and thinks she knows it all) and we were running errands. We had been in the car only 15 minutes before I had missed two turns, forgot my sunglasses were on my head, and asked her the same question twice (ok, THAT happens all the time)

You Should Be Doing This Every Morning

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself: I am TIRED. I am DREADING GOING TO WORK. I am LOOKING FORWARD TO A NAP. I am IN NEED OF COFFEE. I heard something last week on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday that profoundly changed my first thoughts of the morning. Joel Osteen, author of