Chronic Pain and the Brain

“The way we construe pain, happens in the brain …our perception of pain is shaped by brain circuits that are constantly filtering the information coming from our sensory nerves”. Studies for the the efficacy and benefits of yoga therapy are showing promising results for chronic back pain, cancer, auto-immune disorders and even with substance abuse…

Dissonance and Thyroid Issues

Dissonance is disharmony or discord…and it happens almost immediately from birth. For some, it can even happen before then. Over a period of time dissonance creates disconnection then disease. No joke.  Let me give you an (all too common) example:

Fists in your Sleep. What Does it Mean?

Besides our face, I think hands are the most expressive instruments we have to convey thoughts. We can talk with our hands and even signify emotions. Fisted hands often symbolize anger. So what does it mean if you wake up with balled fists? I actually didn’t even know I was doing it until I had

Can College Hurt Your Knees?

If you’re the parent of a college-bound student or graduate, I am guessing that your knees weren’t the first thing to hurt! Speaking for myself with one of each, I would say that my pocketbook and heart (not in that order) took more of a beating. But even if you and your pocketbook have not

Healing Chronic Pain

We take advice from almost everyone we know– our bosses, our kids, glossy magazines, the doctor, and even the local barista. But most of us ignore our most valuable source of wisdom: our bodies. When life gets hectic, it’s easy to check out, go on autopilot, and neglect your health. Our bodies respond to stress

Decoding the Body’s Physical Symptoms

The symbiotic relationship between physical symptoms and emotional symptoms is not an arbitrary one. Have you ever met someone who’s felt trapped in a dissatisfying situation or relationship, and simultaneously suffers from fatigue, exhaustion, or depression? Therein lies a perfect example of the mind/body connection. …

Proof: Yoga Therapy Can Heal Sleep Apnea

In my line of work, success often lies in the eyes of the client. Do they feel better? Are they happier? Are their symptoms gone? It’s sometimes hard to prove results, apart from just client testimonials…until today! My client Pat came to me in February 2016 seeking relief for his severe sleep apnea. And when I