Dissonance and Thyroid Issues

Water ripples on a still lake.

Have you ever been to a middle school band performance… tweens with sweaty palms and collared shirts hitting just enough of the correct notes to recognize the song, but enough off-key notes to make you cringe and grit your teeth. That’s dissonance.

Dissonance is disharmony or discord…and it happens almost immediately from birth.

For some, it can even happen before then.

When the harmony of Body and Mind are in tune, the ripple effect of ideas, emotions and experiences create a symphony…a beautiful composition of connection, collaboration and timing, that plays out in our Bodies and in Life.  However if the energetic vibration is inconsistent with our Soul Essence, it creates dissonance in the ripple effect and creates discord in other layers of our Bodies and our Lives.

This dissonance, over a period of time creates disconnection then disease. No joke.  Let me give you an (all too common) example:

At 5 years old a young girl witnesses a conversation between her parents.  Mother reluctantly disagrees with father and it quickly escalates into an argument. Fathers yells, mother cowers in fear.

Child perceives that father gets angry and mean when someone disagrees with him.

Dissonance: I am not safe or loved if I am disagreeable.

Child is quiet and reserved, and always polite and agreeable. She has strep throat and laryngitis more than once and eventually gets a tonsillectomy.

As an adult, she breaths shallowly, voice quivers, has poor posture and experiences neck and shoulder strain when stressed.  She I considered an introvert, has few close friends, and no lasting or satisfying relationships.

She suffers from depression uncontrollable weight gain, and is diagnosed with hypothyroidism…it runs in the family.

This dissonance early on rippled out from perception to belief to pattern to personality to life circumstances to dis-ease.

The good news is that it is possible to heal dissonance, create new belief patterns, personality shifts and new experiences.

How do you heal the dissonance?

By revealing the true cause…the belief created early that will shadow all future experiences.In this case, it is unsafe to disagree.

And, for all of my clients who were once little girls, my unique private programming has helped them to identify their own dissonance so that they may uproot their own core beliefs that are no longer protecting and serving them.

If you, too, are curious about Revealing then Healing core beliefs schedule a time to meet with me thru KristalFiorentino.com

Isn’t it time to feel better?