Decode the symptoms of dis-ease in your body

Your Body is Talking. Are you Listening?

Are you tired of placating symptoms with prescriptions and platitudes? Ready for a whole Body approach? With over 20 years of experience and certifications in Coaching and Yoga Therapy, I can help you decode the root cause of your discomfort or disease. Let me help.

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two women sit on a couch together and write in journals.

You are reading this for a reason

Our medical system is set up to treat just the symptoms. While that may work in the short term, actual healing must take place on multi-levels, Mind, Body and Spirit. You know this on some level and that is why you are searching. Am I right?

Listen, there are no coincidences. You get one life, and you are meant to feel healthy, happy, and whole. Don’t waste any more time feeling any less. Start your healing now. Let’s find what works for you!

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two women sit on a couch and talk together over cups of herbal tea.
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Find what program is right for you…

There is no “one program fits all.” That is why I offer a variety of experiences for you to choose how to begin your healing journey.

Group Workshops

A great way to experience community support and trust. My workshops are safe, supportive and small. Each workshop focuses on enhancing your connection with Body, Mind & Spirit, and reveals the wisdom of your Body’s language.

Private Coaching

Stop treating the symptom and start healing the whole body. Fast-track your healing and mindset with 1:1 coaching and customized yoga therapy. Let’s create a customized plan for you that addresses all 3 pillars of health: physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Upcoming Workshops

I was struggling with chronic hip pain and instability that followed me through multiple surgeries and baffled many specialists. Working with Kristal helped me connect my emotional traumas I had encountered with the physical pain I was feeling.

Through her practice, I have done a 180 in my mobility, strength, and decreased my pain to almost nothing. I have been able to return to activities I never thought I would be able to do again. Her practice has also helped me cultivate a healthy relationship with my body, teaching me to listen to it and allow it to heal when needed. I thank my body every day for everything it has done and continues to do for me and I owe this success to Kristal

Grace Powell

I was like you

I knew there must be more

I was anxious, over-medicated and underwhelmed.

I’m Kristal Fiorentino, a certified Yoga Therapist and Life Coach who started my journey over 20 years ago to heal. Since then I have researched, studied and experienced a whole new way to heal. I have taken what worked and tweaked what didn’t. Now I help others like me get to the root cause of their symptoms so they may finally heal all the layers, Body, Mind and Spirit.