Proof: Yoga Therapy Can Heal Sleep Apnea

In my line of work, success often lies in the eyes of the client. Do they feel better? Are they happier? Are their symptoms gone? It’s sometimes hard to prove results, apart from just client testimonials…until today!

My client Pat came to me in February 2016 seeking relief for his severe sleep apnea. And when I say “severe,” I mean Pat’s situation was dire. He was chronically depressed, unable to drive, couldn’t hold a job, and his body was so emaciated that his legs barely got him up the stairs to my studio. Pat’s C-PAP machine was helping a little, but he could still barely function during the day.

He was desperate. Really desperate.

We began working together weekly with a variety of yoga therapy tools and then BAM! He started to come back to the life. The graph below shows the dramatic progress that Pat experienced once he began seeing me.


The drop in sleep apnea incidences is crazy clear and he is still showing improvement as you read this.

Pat can now drive, hike, and he’s back at work. People, this sh*t works! You CAN feel better, and these results just proved it.