Fists in your Sleep. What Does it Mean?

Besides our face, I think hands are the most expressive instruments we have to convey thoughts. We can talk with our hands and even signify emotions. Fisted hands often symbolize anger. So what does it mean if you wake up with balled fists?

I actually didn’t even know I was doing it until I had such intense cramping in my forearms that I lost my ability to grip a suitcase on a recent trip.  Doing what I do, I knew that my Body was obviously telling me something, so I started paying attention. I found I was waking in the middle of the night with my hands gripped so tightly my fingers were numb.

Then, I asked my FB group if they were experiencing the same thing and I got a big YES.

So what does this all mean? And, what is Body trying to convey?

I decode the language of pain for a living, and I can break the hand down symbolically (in general terms) by finger or ailment: for example thumb issues symbolizing self-distrust, cold hands a disengagement from the world around them.

Fisted hands generally signify resentment, mostly around communication.  There is an underlying anxiety over the ability to communicate and we feel “handi”-capped in our competence to verbalize something.

But what do sleeping fisted hands mean? Here is what I found to be true for me:  

Since the pandemic, I have been okay. Family, friends and myself are healthy (so far.)  I am following my energetic principles of law of attraction, yoga therapy and Ayurveda to keep me healthy. I’m sharing these principles with my family as much as they will listen, which isn’t much :/

By the light of day, all is well. But at night, I have less control over my thoughts, so my fears have been running amok.  My daughter has immune deficiency issues, my son has anxiety and my mom is older and suffers from asthma.

“I thought I wasn’t worried, but my body was more fearful than my mind was admitting.

When the body and mind are not on the same page, this creates dissonance or disharmony in the body.

In my dreams, I fear all the things that I am unwilling to give a voice. Furthermore, I am not sharing my fears with my family nor even myself. My fists are telling me that my sub-conscience mind isn’t buying what my conscience mind is selling.

I believe that ‘worry’ is just saying a prayer for what you don’t want to happen, so I had been really good at controlling my thoughts in the day.  However, at night I wasn’t doing so well.  And, honestly, I had been so busy that I hadn’t been keeping up my meditation practice, so I wasn’t even aware this was happening.  I had no idea that I was so dissonant in my body, and that is what my fists were trying to get across to me.

So let me share my game plan of late: 

  • Awareness: I now notice when I’m gripping, and I consciously relax my hands.
  • Sleep hygiene: my phone doesn’t come to bed with me.
  • Corralling negative energy: I have greatly reduced my consumption of the news, and upped funny animal videos. 
  • Coup De Grace: meditation.. And if that isn’t working, I  meditate more.

Meditation is helping me to reconcile my lack of control. My family’s health is essentially out of my control, save nutrition, hygiene and morale.

So, I am breathing, relaxing, and saying prayerful meditations.

It’s all I can do. And that is enough.

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