The Coolest Thing Happened Yesterday

hand reaching out towards the sky at sunset

I was with my daughter, Ellie (who is 14, and thinks she knows it all) and we were running errands. We had been in the car only 15 minutes before I had missed two turns, forgot my sunglasses were on my head, and asked her the same question twice (ok, THAT happens all the time).

So, obviously, I was out of sorts…really out of sorts.

After the second missed turn, I pulled the car over and just sat for a moment.  The following conversation ensued:

Me: Wow, I can’t believe I missed another turn.  What is my problem today?

Ellie: Mom, just tap on your heart like this. *taps on her chest*

Me: *does double take* What did you just say?

Ellie: Just tap on your heart, Mom, and it will bring you back into your body.

I was speechless. Not because I had never heard of tapping on your heart, but because I had taught her that. And she listened.

She has been listening this entire time to the sometimes helpful (and sometimes crazy) things I say.

Turns out Ellie DID know it all…at least for today. And I am beaming. These children of ours really are paying attention. This is a blessing and a curse, but a beautiful one indeed.