Stop the Mercury in Retrograde Freak-Out!

You may have heard about the frustration that Mercury in Retrograde brings – appliances going haywire, computers crashing, arguments cropping up, contracts falling through – but what does this phenomenon really mean? 

About 3 or 4 times a year, Mercury goes retrograde. Essentially, Mercury “laps” us in its trip around the sun. For a couple weeks, it looks as if Mercury changes its path and goes backward.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury controls communication, and during this time, anything related to communication usually goes wacky. 

However,  it’s important to note that not all things related to retrograde are bad.

Since communication is on the ‘fritz’, Mercury encourages us to go inward and reflect. In fact, Mercury loves anything beginning with RE-

  • Re-assess
  • Re-evaluate
  • Re-visit
  • Re-peat
  • Re-do 

Even though Mercury has been blamed for workplace disputes, broken appliances, and even a lost Japanese satellite, some good things can be attributed to it as well. 

When Mercury is in retrograde, you may:

  • Find lost objects
  • Gain traction on a project that was previously stalled,  due to it now being slightly altered
  • Learn that you avoided a deal such as a new car or job that wouldn’t have ended well
  • Discover this is a good time to clean living and creative spaces

If you re-sist, Mercury’s encouragement to re-flect, it will most likely leave you feeling frustrated and stressed.  For this reason, I am sharing a link to my guided yoga nidra meditation below. 

 If nothing else, this meditation will help you to re-lax.

Don’t fret, this period of time wil last forever. Mercury will turn direct. In the meantime, take a breath. In discovering what can go wrong, it allows us an opportunity to re-flect on what has gone right. Whether half full or empty, enjoy what’s in your glass!