Chakra Series Week #4: Healing the Heart

Do you remember your first heartbreak? I’ll never forget the first time I felt really heartbroken. I was 18 years old and the guy dumped me for some sorority girl.

I thought I was going to die.

My heart felt heavy, like it’d been replaced by a huge cement block in my chest. It felt hard to breathe; I was unable to focus and I definitely couldn’t foresee a time when it wouldn’t hurt. (Just typing this brings back the immense heaviness I felt then.)

While we talk about a heart being broken as a metaphor, when you go through an emotional heartbreak, it can literally, physically feel like your heart is broken.

In yoga, there is a core teaching that the heart is whole and cannot be broken. And while an unbalanced heart chakra may leave you feeling sad, depressed, or weighed down, your heart will always continue to strive towards that wholeness, which will lead to compassion, forgiveness, and optimism.

Listen to this guided meditation for healing the heart.

This Prana Mudra meditation will:

  • Support treatment and recovery from depression
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Inspire empathy
  • Enhance the cardio-vascular & respiratory health

The longer your heart chakra (or any other part of you) has been out of balance, the more tools it might take to get back in alignment. Yoga Therapy can help. Contact me to learn more.