Yoga & Meditation Workshops

Yoga & meditation have been scientifically proven to heal. I facilitate a variety of workshops tailored to your specific needs.

An indoor group yoga class taught by a female yoga instructor. She is helping a student with a posture. Shot in a spacious room with beautiful parquet floor and ornate ceiling.
Barefoot young woman sitting in Lotus pose on mat and meditating against window in morning at home

You are unique and so is your yoga and meditation prescription

Yoga isn’t just a pose and meditation isn’t just sitting without thought. Each personalized practice is tailored to YOUR specific needs and brings both your mind and body to the start of your healing journey.

Side view of tranquil females breathing during yoga class while lying on mats in studio

A workshop customized for you

My clients are unique and so are my workshops.  Find the right workshop for your goals to jumpstart your healing journey. Here are just a few workshops happening this year:

  • Yoga for Mental Health
  • Intro to Meditation
  • Meditate Your Way thru the Holidays
  • Journey Thru the Chakras

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Meditations and mudras, in all honesty… think of it as being in a foggy room and then somebody opens the window and it starts to clear up.

Sarah Jane Polek
five women from different background, holding hands and laughing in pilates studio

Are you ready to experience personal healing with community support?

Kristal’s workshops are safe, supportive and small. Join her to enhance your connection with Body, Mind & Spirit, reveal the wisdom of your Body’s language.