Chakra and Body Mapping Workshops

A guided journey through your physical, emotional and energetic Body, revealing the quiet wisdom of your Body’s language.

assorted chakras drawings and colored stones
vibrant drawing of woman seated in lotus with chakras symbols

Decoding the body’s language to heal

The Body is formed from five layers (or koshas) so, most often, the physical discomfort we experience in the Body is merely a symptom of a deeper emotional or energetic dissonance. The sooner you can identify disconnection, the sooner you can embark on your journey to optimal health and happiness.  Let’s do this together.

Side view of tranquil females breathing during yoga class while lying on mats in studio

A workshop like no other

 This workshop begins with an easy yoga practice to prepare you for meditation. I then lovingly guide you through a  visualization where you will 

  • Reveal areas of discomfort
  • Map your energy centers
  • Identify areas of intensity

Post meditation, I can interpret your map and prescribe tools to ease discomfort, balance blockages and guide you on your journey to health and happiness.

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The Best was Help in Healing

The Body Mapping class was enlightening, great yoga and understanding of the 7 chakras. The best part was help in healing phrases to help where blockages exist, knowing that gives you control to put healing into place. Kristal is truly inspiring!

Alicia Heine
aleica heine
five women from different background, holding hands and laughing in pilates studio

Are you ready to experience personal healing with community support?

Kristal’s workshops are safe, supportive, and small. Join her to enhance your connection with Body, Mind & Spirit, and reveal the wisdom of your Body’s language.