Chakra and Body Mapping Workshop

Join Kristal for a journey through the Body, where she will identify areas of intensity, reveal dis-ease in the body, and discuss tools to clear and balance blockages.

What to expect in this workshop

After a yoga practice, Kristal will guide you through a visualization of the physical body and energetic chakra system. Here you will identify areas of tension then notate areas of intensity on your life-sized body map. 

Afterward, Kristal will “decode” your map and discuss various yoga therapy tools that can assist with balancing the centers on an energetic and physical level. 

These energy centers, or chakras, are responsible for emotions, traits, and certain conditions. By opening, balancing, and integrating these energy centers, we can access our deepest truths, essential wholeness, and true Self.

  • $65 per person
  • All mapping materials are provided
  • Bring a yoga mat, a bolster or blanket, and a water bottle – I’ll bring the rest!

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What women have said about this workshop

I’ve enjoyed all of my experiences with Kristal’s seminars and body mapping was no different. It’s a great way to learn more about chakras and what subconscious and conscious issues you may have going on physically. As usual, my one on one was incredibly enlightening. I’m energized to continue my journey of self-enlightenment with new tools and information.

Aysha Moore-Manwaring

Chakra Body Mapping with Kristal was such an amazing experience. I was so surprised at what came up, that anything came up as I sometimes have trouble with this process of visualization. However, the questions were super jumping points and the body and soul worked in union to give me the messages I needed.

Andrea Minelli
Kristal Fiorentino

About your instructor

I am a certified Yoga Therapist and Life Coach with a unique ability to decode the Body’s symptoms to determine the actual root cause of disease and discomfort. I have combined 20 years of formal education in Eastern philosophy, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and neuroscience with my own personal experience of mind-body dissonance to create programs that help others crack the code on their own healing journey.