VisionBoarding Workshops

A retreat designed to Rest, Renew and Recharge your Body, Mind, Spirit and Goals for the next 12-18 months using the latest information in neuroscience and yoga therapy.

VisionBoards are just the first step

82% of goals fail within the first 6 weeks. This workshop not only gives my clients the opportunity to create a Vision, but I also teach the scientific formula to succeed in that Vision. Be part of the 18%. Join us.

five women from different background, holding hands and laughing in pilates studio

What VisionBoards aren’t

Put yourself in the 18% and actually achieve what you envision this year. There is a formula to success, and I will share it with you if you let me!

  • VisionBoards aren’t magic
  • VisionBoards aren’t bullsh*t
  • VisionBoards aren’t just a collection of pretty pictures of expensive things

What VisionBoards are

  • Life-changing
  • Proven to work
  • A Roadmap to success

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Creativity and community was the catalyst I needed

Before attending Kristal's workshop, I wasn't sure I thought creating a VisionBoard would be helpful. However, after attending the workshop, wholeheartedly believe that creativity and community was the catalyst I needed and getting lost in the board was amazing.

Stephanie Woodward

I came away with a ‘hard copy” of my goals

Kristal's Vision Board workshop was enlightening, encouraging, and empowering! I came away with a 'hard copy' of my physical goals, unspoken dreams, and aspirations – some which I didn't even know I had. What a wonderful tool for manifesting a great New Year!

Margie Secora
five women from different background, holding hands and laughing in pilates studio

Are you ready to experience personal healing with community support?

Kristal’s workshops are safe, supportive, and small. Join her to enhance your connection with Body, Mind & Spirit and reveal the wisdom of your Body’s language.